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Driver Rehabilitation

The Neuro Hub offers a comprehensive driver evaluation and training program. The program serves current drivers with a new diagnosis or a change in their ability to drive, individuals with physical limitations who are interested in driving, and elderly drivers and their families seeking professional recommendations. 

The drivers rehabilitation program is staffed by licensed occupational therapists and certified driver rehabilitation specialists. We currently offer the driver rehabilitation program in a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan van, which is wheelchair accessible, and a 2013 Chevrolet Impala. 

The evaluation is a two-step process that assesses all aspects of the participant’s driving skills to determine if it is safe for them to return to the road. The pre-driving clinical evaluation looks at all the necessary components of driving including vision, physical abilities, cognition and perceptual skills. If the clinicians find the participant has the skills necessary to be behind the wheel, we will make an appointment for the on-road assessment to evaluate the driver’s abilities using a specially equipped van or sedan. 

The results of the assessments are reviewed with the clients and recommendations and/or referrals are provided, including the need for adaptive equipment for the vehicle.


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Driving Programs

Adaptive Driver Rehab - this program is for clients who suffered an injury or illness and may experience difficulty or are unable to operate a motor vehicle with the ‘standard’ controls. After a thorough evaluation we will trial various equipment (hand-controls, steering attachments etc.) The client will train with us until they are safe to have the equipment installed in their personal vehicle and progress to take the DMV road test. This program is for existing and new drivers with a learner’s permit.

Fitness to Drive - this service is for clients who may have suffered an injury, illness or age-related changes. Often times it is a physician or family member that reports concern about the client’s safety on the road. We will perform an in-clinic evaluation. If everything checks out well in the clinic, we progress to the behind the wheel portion in various driving environments. Following the evaluation, we will provide a written recommendation to the client or the requesting physician. This service is also available for the FLHSMV Medical Review Board.

Driving with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other developmental disorders - 

our specialized clinicians can provide a comprehensive evaluation to then customize training. Clients are not only trained on how to operate a vehicle safely but also learn how to handle daily traffic/road way situations (e.g. running out of gas, emergency situation, detours etc.). The clinicians are available to accompany the client during every step of the process, from providing initial training strategies to take the driver's permit test to taking the DMV road test. The Neuro Hub clinicians also works closely with family members to share all tips, tricks and new learnings. Adaptive equipment is available as well. 


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