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PSA: What do these hash marks mean?

When a disabled parking spot with a hash mark for deploying a wheelchair ramp is occupied by someone without a disability, it can create difficulties for individuals who require the ramp to access their vehicle. In such situations, it's important to prioritize the needs of disabled individuals and follow proper procedures. Here are a few potential actions that can be taken:

1. If the owner of the vehicle occupying the disabled parking spot can be identified, it may be helpful to kindly ask them to move their vehicle to allow access for the individual requiring the wheelchair ramp.

2. Contact the appropriate authorities, such as parking enforcement or security personnel, to inform them about the situation. They can take appropriate action to enforce parking regulations and ensure access for disabled individuals.

3. If you see someone placing a shopping cart, golf cart, or motorcycle on the hash marks, kindly educate the person or inform security personnel.

Many clients have shared their stories with us of parking in an accessible spot and returning from a store, only to find someone parked next to them in the hash marks for convenience. This now means that the person can no longer deploy their ramp and has to wait until the vehicle owner returns.

It's crucial to remember that accessibility is essential for individuals with disabilities, and everyone should respect designated disabled parking spots and the associated amenities, such as wheelchair ramps, to ensure equal access and inclusion for all.

Stepping off our soap box.

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