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Premier Provider of Constraint-Induced Therapy in Central Florida

The Neuro Hub is the premier provider of Constraint-Induced Therapy in Central Florida!

Up until a few years ago, most scientists and physician believed the adult brain was unable to be altered and fix itself when damaged. However, one of the leading neuroscientists, Dr. Taub and his research team at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) thought differently. Dr. Taub hypothesized that the brain’s ability to learn and change could be used to repair injuries to the brain - such as stroke (CVA), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and cerebral palsy (CP).

From this research, which has been conducted for over 25 years now, Taub developed Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CI Therapy). This highly specific therapy consists of a family of treatments to help the brain re-wire itself and thus regain some function in the more-affected limb. CI Therapy has been researched extensively and is currently considered the gold standard in neurological rehabilitation. Patients who have completed the treatment program have made gains in the quality of movement and in the amount of use of their more-affected upper extremity.

The Neuro Hub is the premier provider of CI Therapy in the Central Florida area. The Neuro Hub therapists are trained in standard CI Therapy by Dr. Taub, the inventor of CI Therapy, and the UAB CI Research Group.

If you are looking to learn more on CI Therapy contact us for more info at:

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